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Incredible, isn’t it? Strange that not very long ago day she didn’t know how to handle a child.  Babies, specially, were these mystery little creatures that didn’t talk but who demanded much.  When she was presented with a baby she wouldn’t know what to do: how should she hold him? What should she say? What should she DO? Oh boy, she better stayed away and observed from a distance. 

Fast forward a few years, and she finds she’s pregnant with her first child.  From the very first she loves this little life growing up inside her. Immediately, now that she’s a mother

she instinctively knows how to treat babies, what to say, what to do. Yet, so many mysteries remain, so many worries, so many decisions to take. 

Now armed with confidence and more wisdom, she develops a product to care for her child.  And a need arises to help other moms and dads out there who are looking for ways to give their baby the best care possible, with quality and gentle products developed just for their family.  And the Adolize brand is born.


Welcome mom, welcome baby, welcome to the Adolize family. 

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