Would an electric nail trimmer work on a newborn?

Absolutely. Our baby nail trimmer is gentle and safe for all ages. Simply choose the light pink sandpaper attachment when trimming the nails of your newborn baby.

Can I use the electrical nail trimmer on adults?

Definitely. Adolize manicure set includes three different attachments exclusively for grownups.

Are batteries included?

No, they’re sold separately. You’ll need two AA batteries to operate the nail trimmer.

Can I use the electric nail trimmer on pets?

No, this product has been designed for human babies and adults and it’s not suitable for pets. Please don’t use on animals.

What’s the correct way to use the electric nail trimmer?

It’s very simple to use, just follow these steps:

For babies:

1) Cut nails first if too long

2) Choose a suitable head based on baby's age and attach it to the top of the unit

3) Secure baby's hand or foot and file each nail lightly at about a 60° angle.

For adults:

1) Cut your nails at desired length if so wished

2) Attach a suitable head for your purpose at the top of the unit

3) File or buff your nails and cuticles until you're happy with the results.

And you're done!

What are the different attachments for?

Adolize baby nail trimmer file comes with 6 different attachments for a multitude of uses for all members of the family:

For children:

Pink soft sandpaper: 0-3 months

Green medium sandpaper: 4-11 months

Blue sand paper: 12 months and up

For adults:

Shaving disc: shapes and shortens nails

Polishing disc: buffs and makes nail smooth

Point polisher: polishes and processes nail tips and cuticles

Is this a good gift for a baby shower?

Of course! Our automatic battery-operated nail trimmer is not only safe for infants and babies, but it’s versatile as it includes different attachments for all members of the family. With a beautiful ergonomic body and a convenient storage and travel case, this trimmer will surely delight any mom – or dad!

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